Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello hello :P

I'm very lazy to blog, so it's up to my sis if she wants to help me delete this or not.
Just came back from camp and it was fun!! :D
Sad case my sister didn't get the opportunities I've got because of her old principal.
And i've got a new one!
Lazy to blog.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, updates.

So i've got here.. my dad's F1 stuff. haha.
Oh yeah. My sis ripped her shorts in Sentosa Island. It was accidental la. lol. My dad and sis fooling around :DD And i've got a bit of genes that are in common with.. a roundworm.... lol:) My sis and i.

Sentosa: my sister's work. Always with the camera. She's like that. And we touched pink dolphins!!! (like i said before) loved it so much. :DDDD My sis wanted to hug it, but we were asked to stand one feet away because we're new to the dolphins, so if we got too near it, it may feel uhm, insecure? something like that. Bought Willy Wonka sweets.. and bought stuff from GIRLS! :D

my pencil case.

Nat's pouch.

And Dad chose these for us. lol.

Mine... Nat's.


I feel like blogging. again.
Lol. I found out why i wasn't as rich as my sister in Sg.
She was a bit kedekut with her money when it came to souvenirs and stuff.
And she spent like money falls from heaven for clothes =.=
Mom paid for her. So she was lucky. haha
And the shopping malls.. never have my size and even when they have, they're only my sister's liking.
So all i did was go to Girls at almost all the malls with my dad when Nat and mom went shopping like crazy.
And even in Girls. The staff there kept stuffing my fitting room with clothes non stop.
=P lol.
Their Miss Whatever was more interesting than the Miss Whatever in KL.
..and bigger :)

woot woot. AAAAA their Secret Recipe..
so awesome..
Their meals have bigger servings compared to Malaysia's and I somehow think they're better.
lol =D

Oh yeah. Gobstoppers are totally awesome =]
Mom allowed me to get 5 packs for myself and my sis but technically, they're all mine cause my sister isn't such a fan of sweets.
All she'll do is ask me for one once in a while..especially in the LRT.

hmm okay. i'm done.
Holidays were YUMMY=D
I'm always helping mom in the kitchen, since the maid's gone back for Raya hols.
Lunch just now was fantastic :DDDDDD
too bad my sis didn't take photos of the meal like how she always does.

okay. bye!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from Singapore.
So many photos :D
i touched a pink dolphin!!!!
So cool. so cool.
I'll update this soon.
No time now, especially when exams are so nearby.
shopping was awesome :P

okay. bye bye :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hi there.
Hey, come on.
Add a bit of drum rolls to make this more grand la okay?

Had a hard time today.
I got a scolding from dad when i was reading in the living room because he thought I was watching tv.
Well actually, i was enjoying nothing but the comfy sofa and the air conditioned place.

Now how do i start the topic I want to?
aaaa. I'm so clueless.
I'm so lazy.
I dislike going to school soo much.
why why why?
Okay. this is a change of expression.....

YAY! My class teacher's not going to school tomorrow to mark UPSR test papers. weeee!
Oh yeah. My science and BM teacher wouldn't be there as well.
I'm freeee from all the homework and massive torture.

I feel so good.
Did most of the housework after dinner with my grandma... without my sister.
She was busy downloading all her crappy music.
She is stuck to the computer like 24/7.
haha. no la.
uhm. yes la!
uhm. no. not exactly.
No joke. Whenever she's on the computer, she'll never stop.

Okay. I remember reading one of my sister's blog post about people staring, and I agreee with her!
oh yeah!
It's a one in a million chance i ever agree with my sister on things.
Anyway, yeah. Staring is so not nice.

OK. i've got nothing to gab about.
So byeee :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back again after so long.
haha. so boring la my blog.

You know, for people who know me but don't usually talk to me, no point you link me la.
for heaven's sake.
Only people I talk to frequently have the right to link me.
whatever .

I'll continue some other time.
So many other things to do like planning dad's surprise party :P
He's such a lucky man.

Remember. If you link me, at least i know you, you know me, and we both talk to each other.
And at least I like you. lol! you never know...
Don't link me because you want your link list to be long or you think I'm your friend because my sister is your friend.
I mean it you know.



Replies to those who dropped by my chatbox:

Natasha: Hello back la cruel sis.

Audrey: Hello audrey :D i'm 11, Nat's sister. I went for squash training when my sis was still there, remember?

Somehow when i wanna reply, my name becomes Tash95 because my sister signed in and i have no idea how to sign out her account.
She rules the whole computer.

okay la, bye!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The first.

Uhm, hi.
This blog is officially mine, and it's made successfully (with the help of my sister) bla bla bla.
Tell me something funny.
Anyway, this blog's clearly under construction supervised by Natasha Tan, my sister.
I'll end it here, since my blog's needing serious help to being acceptable.

Till the next time.
Melissa Tan.